Wednesday, May 16, 2012


May 16, 2012

Marriage is between a man and a woman and not between two people of the same gender. More than half of all Americans are said to support legalizing homosexual marriage and therefore this statement goes against the grain. But I can’t help feeling this way.
Even writing about homosexuality is uncomfortable, however here it is dominating the news again, so here we go.
Yes, President Barack Obama took a big risk coming out in support after the vice president kinda forced him to do so. Hollywood’s cheering, others are saying it’s about time, so why does it make me shudder? I don’t know. It just does.
This is a subject that inflames passions, but first I want to reclaim the word “gay“ for the English language. The word’s been hijacked. It always meant happy, carefree, bright. Now there’s this other meaning that’s gobbled up the original definition. I want to be able to be gay without being “gay”.
What’s at stake isn’t about the rights of “gays” and lesbians to engage in holy matrimony. It’s about equal rights, and in the free society that ours either is or pretends to be who can argue with that?. These Americans deserve the same benefits as every other, no two ways about it.
They already have legal rights in many states. Federally, they should be afforded retirement and death benefits and be allowed to file joint tax returns. I can’t see denying them any part of their citizenship. Nor, incidentally, do I believe discrimination against homosexuals is anything like as pronounced as that afflicting other minorities.
For Monty Python’s Eric Idle homosexual unions are fine: “It’s about time they suffered too”. Yet a legal bond - official recognition of a lifelong partnership to guarantee the same IRS breaks as everyone else - ain’t good enough for these folks. They insist on actual matrimony.
But marriage has already foundered in the sea of sexual revolution and this will be another torpedo striking the good ship USS Family. 
I’m not convinced that children with two mommies or two daddies grow up into well-adjusted adults. How  can their learning years in such a household be normal? Do they suffer at the hands of their classmates? In Scandinavia, where homosexuality and free love have undermined  the institution of marriage, the majority of babies are now born out of wedlock.
Homosexuality dominates the media. It often overshadows everything else, and in doing so it encourages our children to view the ‘other’ way of life as equal to a normal lifestyle. And perhaps to follow it too.
Are you born that way or do you develop the trait? Former presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann and her husband know: he runs a Minnesota clinic where you can reportedly pray away the gay. Charlatan.
Homosexuality, whether male or female, is in the genes but it’s an aberration because every species has an inbuilt biological desire to reproduce.
And can a church sanctify homosexual marriage? It contravenes the teachings of so many religions, including Islam. Sex is for procreation and marriage provides the basis; for many, homosexuality itself is a sin.
Also, where were all these people when I was young? You rarely encountered a homosexual, male or female, and it certainly wasn’t in the national discourse. From the amount of discussion today you’d think half the population is... you know...
Whereas the actual figure is less than ten percent. Way less. By some estimates more like two percent. A small subculture like it’s always been, however those of the same-sex persuasion have a voice almost on a par with the rest of us. It’s the Catch-22 effect: the more this topic is discussed the more it needs to be.
We went through don’t-ask-don’t-tell in the military - a dishonest way around the subject, although I guess do-ask-do-tell might be decidedly worse. How about don’t-care-don’t-care. That would be how the soldiers themselves view the question: overwhelmed with indifference. It wasn’t a concern in two world wars nor in Vietnam or even the most recent conflicts. Why now?
Because in the eyes of some voters today the question of homosexuality is the Only Thing That Matters - far more important than jobs or the defense of our beloved USA. To me this is unfathomable: I’m tempted to think  folks whose ballot is based solely on that should be denied the vote. But that would be undemocratic.
The only way is Obama’s. Voice your support of same-sex wedlock, then leave it to the states to implement. Six already do, others will.
So now it looks as though we’ll be joining Norway, Sweden and Iceland, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, South Africa and even Canada in sanctioning same-sex marriage.
I think it’s not right, and what is this all leading to?  Where will it end? A woman in India married a snake living next door in an ant hill. A San Francisco lady got hitched to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. A Swedish woman wed the Berlin Wall and now a New York belle is betrothed to marry a fairground ride. What the...
Earlier this year a Thai man married his dead girlfriend in a ceremony that doubled as her funeral and a Korean fellow said ‘I do’ to a pillow. There’s the Chinese guy who married himself – and he wasn’t even a hermaphrodite.
A Japanese gentleman moved to Guam in order to wed a character from a Nintendo game. In the name of “rights” are we now opening the door to kooks like these as well?

© 2012 Fred Wehner is a journalist formerly with the Daily Mail in London, who then founded and ran the New York News Agency before settling in Monroe 21 years ago.