Wednesday, May 9, 2012


May 9, 2012

It turns out the Secret Service hired those Colombian prostitutes not for their own gratification but for that of President Obama. That’s news to me – front page news. A “bombshell revelation” billed as a world exclusive, therefore... Coffee. Donut. Grab a seat and read all about it.
Once again the world’s top media are scooped by Globe, a supermarket blabsheet out of Florida that specializes in anti-Obama material, truth be damned. Huge story, no proof. Only a vague suggestion from an unnamed informant that these sex-mad agents told the trollops they were being hired for the president.
That’s good enough for editor Jeff Rodack, who then adds damning quotes from An Insider and The Insider along with their cousin A. Source, all of whom live in, you know, his head. These three faceless ones contribute overwhelmingly to Globe and its sister comic, the National Examiner. That latter sheet recently claimed Obama’s people murdered right wing nutjob Andrew Breitbart who died of a heart attack. Not a scrap of evidence to support that fairytale either.
Made-up codswallop, all of it. But then that’s the trademark of the extreme Republican right and its allies in their wild frenzy of mudslinging. The Internet is also rife with this garbage, a large portion of it racist. Here’s University of Texas republican prez Cassandra Wright: “My president is black, he snorts a lot of crack.” It’s also violent. Hours after some tosser fired a high-powered rifle at the White House, Wright’s predecessor Lauren Pierce tweeted how tempting it might be to shoot Obama.
Lies and distortions abound.  “I heard he was a Muslim,” is what a factory worker told Steve Kroft on ABC’s 60 Minutes. Heard. And that was good enough for this guy. Sad, really, when you lack the mental capacity to seek the truth beyond a word in your ear.
When the Underwear Bomber was caught, Republicans wailed Obama’s soft on terrorism in what writer Steve Benen described so eloquently as “a collective display of pants-wetting.” Obama got Osama, but even killing Bin Laden doesn’t make him a patriotic American. He canceled the National Day of Prayer and replaced it with a Muslim prayer day with all that screechy music and all. He won’t wear a flag pin nor put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. Venezuela’s America-hating dictator Hugo Chávez is financing him. All undiluted poppycock. And then there’s Larry Sinclair, the fruitcake ex-con who keeps chirruping that Barack was his beau. Lyin’ Larry failed a couple of polygraph tests but the Obama haters keep hoisting him up onto his soap box. 
Business Insider exposed the falsity that Obama “kills jobs” with a simple graph. In January 2009 when he took office 800,000 vanished; that’s on top of the millions already gone under George W. Bush. We’re recovering – slo-o-owly.  Of nine million jobs lost in the recession four million have been clawed back; meanwhile our taxes are the lowest since 1958, says the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Of developed countries only Mexico and Chile tax folk less.
A reader of this newspaper asserted recently that Obama “is working hard to enslave” Americans by making us dependent on government and asks if he’s missing something. Yeah. How about some facts?
We see the usual wild generalizations and con jobs, introducing an illogical argument by way of correlation without causation. Mash together two disparate issues and serve up this steaming dish of balderdash and piffle for the purblind who’ll swallow anything.
There’s the Dead Presidents e-mail: a series of dollar bills with the last one a Food Stamps coupon bearing Obama’s image. “Obama's policies have put more people on welfare than any president before him,” the caption reads, and it’s pure bunkum: under Bush there were more. That didn’t stop Newt Gingrich repeating the canard in his debate and in TV ads, never pausing to explain exactly how any president can “put” Americans on food stamps.
If anyone did that it was Bush. He collapsed our economy by giving the wealthy a double-dip tax break, the big banks an unchecked TARP handout and launching two wars, one based on a filthy lie.
And the birthers refuse to die. That oddball quartet reciting the only song they know, a tuneless dirge entitled ‘Obama Ain’t American’, despite Hawaii’s official release of both his short and long birth certificates. They are (from right to left even further right): lawyer Gary Kreep, conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, and the scary-strange Russian person Orly Taitz. Plus leader Yussuf Farah, editor of WorldNet Daily whose pure Arab blood, brush mustache and glib, dishonest discourse would be more befitting a used camel salesman.
The radical right consistently call Obama an elitist Kenyan Muslim Communist Nazi Socialist Antichrist Manchurian Hussein terrorist. And the most breathtaking claim of all? Because he failed to turn New York’s new One World Trade Center into the world’s tallest minaret for Muslim prayer Obama is now plotting to fly Air Force One into it.
Sheesh! There’s a world exclusive those trash mags haven’t reported yet. Globe should give the Insider Brothers - 'A' and 'The' - a pep talk.
Incidentally, whatever happened to the republican notion that you can’t criticize a president during wartime? That kept the Bush whackers in check but apparently it doesn’t apply to Obama.
As for accusing him of being a hookers’  ‘john’? A clear and damaging libel right there. Globe’s lawyers should be sharpening their forked tongues because if I were the Obamas I’d sue that rag from Florida to Hawaii and back again. 


© 2012 Fred Wehner is a journalist formerly with the Daily Mail in London, who then founded and ran the New York News Agency before settling in Monroe 21 years ago.