Wednesday, March 7, 2012


March 7, 2012

I am woman. This is the 21st century and I refuse to be cast back to the 1800s or even before when a wife was classed as chattel. That’s chattel, another word for cattle. I am not livestock.
Okay, I’m not a woman physically (I just checked). Nor emotionally, but I take a firm stand over a lady’s body and her right to decide what happens to it. She’s its owner and when she says no it’s no. So here we go again with the discussion about contraception and its partner, abortion, two issues that were decided more than 50 years ago.
I say if you’re so vehemently against abortion then it is you – not the woman whose arm you twisted to give birth – you personally who must raise that child.
You’re the puppetmaster, setting rules and pulling strings to control another individual, therefore you’re responsible for the consequence – however it may turn out. You forced this human being into the world? Your baby, your burden.
Oh, you don’t want the kid either? Then you have absolutely no right at all to interfere in someone else’s life. This is America, the land of the free, not the land of your ideas becoming another citizen’s albatross; there’s no call for that.
Okay now: the mother doesn’t want it, you don’t want it. You could try dumping this double-unwanted child on the state to be paid for by taxes, but then... you hate government, remember?
And anyway, only a human ostrich would be unaware that a woman determined to terminate will seek out some wart-faced back alley practitioner brandishing a coat hanger. If she wants to abort she will regardless. Why not give her a safe procedure!
Here’s the real kicker: if you’re against abortion then why are you against contraception? Clearly, if you prevent even the spark of life inside the womb then there is never any need for an abortion, is there.
Therefore all this current giffgaff isn’t about “right to life” at all, it’s about control. Strangers want to decide a damsel’s destiny for her. And how come it appears to be geriatric Caucasian men who always make those authoritarian decisions, ascribing to the woman strict moral obligations while keeping themselves free to do as they please. How Middle Eastern is that! What’s next? Muslim-style veils with only the eyes showing? Burqas; our womenfolk, now an underclass, no longer permitted to drive, shuffling silently through the streets like herds of black ghosts?
The latest clumsy assault on women’s freedom of choice, by senators Roy Blunt and Marco Rubio, was defeated even though every Senate Republican bar one voted for it. We should treat all these dictatorial pillocks to a vasectomy!
Days earlier, fanatical congressman Darrell Issa held an utterly ludicrous hearing on women’s sexual issues in which the only woman who might have been allowed a voice was silenced.
It, too, was about denying the pill to the ladies of the land while professing to be about religion. Barred were Catholic hospitals and charities. And why? Because they’d all announced support for a President Obama compromise that accommodated religious dogma while still providing birth control to women.
Joining the geezers’ croaky chorus are some female Benedict Arnolds - the equivalent of women in other lands who support a system that keeps them downtrodden. Included here is a pushy Georgia harpy named Karen Handel whose attempt to stifle planned parenthood ignited massive outrage and cost her her job. And will Senator Susan Collins, who voted to rob women of prevention claim she never used contraceptives herself? After all, another name for Washington DC is Hypocrisy Central.
Female opponents of family planning and abortion should also scan their own souls. Faced with a seriously unwanted pregnancy will they stick to their principles?
So it’s not about religion either. All major Christian denominations barring the Catholic leadership condone contraception. The Baptists are ambivalent, with leader Albert Mohler against it, inviting us to “go back a hundred years” (no thanks) while his colleague Richard Land wavers. “The Southern Baptist Convention is not opposed to the use of birth control within marriage as long as the methods used do not cause the fertilized egg to abort.” Clue here is “the fertilized egg".
While the Catholic church remains intransigent polls show the widespread use of contraceptives by Catholic women is only slightly below that of their non-Catholic sisters. And who are these bishops anyway who dare to pontificate so haughtily? Aren’t they the guys who sheltered felons, who protected and hid all the pedophile priests, thereby making themselves accessories to their crimes. Shouldn’t they be in jail?
What a dangerous path we tread in the name of religion! We see it already. There are Muslims who would stone a lady to death for being seen out with a man, behead a woman for adultery or hang a girl for having sex before marriage. In backward territories like Somalia they circumcise young girls to deny them, as wives, any pleasure in sex. Controlling males again.
And so to the Master of Misogyny, the foul-mouthed loudmouth whose pus-filled pronouncements ooze over the airwaves. If the females in this blustering buffoon’s private life ever received a dime towards their contraception then they, too, are, in his own words, sluts and prostitutes whom he wants to watch having sex. What a joke this phlegmatic pimple is – a sick joke. He repeatedly calls women “feminazis” but guess who’s revealed himself as the real Nazi now, Reich Limbaugh.
Thursday is International Women’s Day. If we’re real gentlemen then we should be all for the ladies.


© 2012 Fred Wehner is a journalist formerly with the Daily Mail in London, who then founded and ran the New York News Agency before settling in Monroe 21 years ago.