Sunday, October 30, 2011


October 30, 2011

Boo! Didn’t make anyone jump, did it?
Y’know, I will never understand how dressing up like a Muppet, a piece of M&Ms candy or Kim Kardashian complete with enormous foam bottom could frighten anybody. Nor as a nurse or fireman. A policeman? Yes, very scary if you’ve watched the way they’ve been attacking peaceful citizens lately.
But what’s really alarming for all of us Americans this Hallowe’en is the state of our sacred country. Something terrible has happened to it and it’s eating away our souls.
Desperately uncertain times are upon us and there’s this spooky feeling that it’s all going to get a whole lot worse with all manner of nasty surprises.
However, that’s nothing compared to the warm welcome awaiting the most despicable people on earth. Who are they and where’s this reception?
Down, of course, to Hell’s fiery halls with all the real “hotties”. Satan must be salivating in anticipation of their arrival and telling his demons: “Clear those ten pews nearest the furnace. We’ll make it extra toasty for these guys because they’ve been so-o-o good at being bad.”
So who are they?
1. The diabolical doctors who operate on us when it’s entirely not necessary, and do it for the money they can make off insurance companies and Medicare. Too many cases of hystorectomies, spinal and other major procedures, many of which leave patients disfigured and in agony. And all to buy these charlatans their BMWs.
2. The cosmetic industry fiends who torture laboratory animals. In particular those performing the Draize test, drip-feeding toxic substances into the eyes of rabbits that are restrained but conscious all the time. They do it to dogs, too, but bunnies, with their larger eyes and no tear ducts, are preferred. And this just to make shampoos less uncomfortable for us. John Henry Draize himself died in 1992 and I’m certain he’s been Lucifer’s guest since then.
3. The evil ones of the food industry who lace our sustenance with all manner of chemicals that make us fat and sick. They find ways to disguise what they’re doing by using alternative wording for the preservatives and extenders they produce, including a disgusting goo known as Pink Slime.
4. The poofy preachers who rail against homosexuality – except not their own. Televangelists Ted Haggard and Jim Bakker are here with Atlanta’s own Bishop Eddie ‘Daddy’ Long. Other anti-gay hypocrites like lobbyist and Baptist minister George Rekers, who drooled over a website titled and selected a companion, “Lucien”, because of the dimensions and will-dos the guy posted. They traveled together and, when exposed, Rekers said Lucien’s task had been “to lift his luggage”.
5. The pet food monsters who poison our dogs and cats with revolting filth dressed up to look like actual food. Not simply the Chinese crap that killed thousands of our cherished companions recently but also the unsupervised rendering plants that throw in euthanized pets along with road kill. All this comes in cutesy packaging that disguises the contents with generalizations. And this vile industry is virtually unregulated
6. The fanatics who blow up pubs and trains and planes in the name of religion as well as those who preach hatred of other religions and justify their barbarous acts as being the will of God. Here I obviously mean Muslim extremists, but there are others, too... Let’s nominate one: The Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, led by disbarred lawyer Fred Phelps, that gathers at funerals to thank God for dead US soldiers.
7. Heartless debate audiences. Like the unpatriotic mob who booed a soldier putting his life on the line in Iraq who said he was a homosexual. And the ghouls who applauded Rick Perry executing 243, even the innocents among them, and others who cheered the notion of a critically ill man lacking health insurance being left to die.
8. Religious charity crooks who use the name of the Lord to enrich themselves. Here’s embezzler Jim Bakker again. Are our local do-gooders, the Wingo family, among these devils? We’ll soon find out. These folks headed, and recently closed down, not just their Angel Food Ministries but also their 600-seat Emmanuel Praise Church as an FBI investigation probed deeper.
9. The “family values” champions who haughtily promote clean living for others although not themselves. Among these are the sanctimonious politicians from both parties in the secretive Christian sect The Fellowship, aka The Family, on Washington’s C Street. Republicans David Vitter, John Ensign, Mark Sanford and Chris Pickering are the latest hypocritical C Street adulterers to be exposed. But their most vile act has been to promote a law in Uganda making homosexuality a death penalty “offense”. For Africans, you understand, not for anyone in this country. Yet
10 The Communist Chinese who “harvest” the organs of political prisoners for transplants. No, no, this isn’t a scary joke on witching night, and China hasn’t denied it, while refusing to explain the unusually high numbers of transplant operations. It’s been exposed by an international team of doctors who were already appalled that the Chinese were killing prisoners. But now they reveal that the organs are removed - for freshness - while the victims are still alive...
Somebody hold a crucifix up to All these chthonian bastards and make them wither.
Who have I left out? Ummm...


© 2011 Fred Wehner is a journalist formerly with the Daily Mail in London, who then founded and ran the New York News Agency before settling in Monroe 21 years ago.