Wednesday, September 28, 2011


September 28, 2011

On the rack by the checkout aisle the headlines on that supermarket tabloid are deafening: “Cops’ Secret Obama File! Panic in the White House!”
Holy Husseins, this is a monumental development. It must be all over the news, right? Well actually, no. No word of this anywhere else. And you didn’t buy Globe because.. well, because who does these days?
Or maybe it’s because it’s simply more utter twaddle, easily exposed with just the tiniest amount of checking.
Which I did. One two-minute phone call. Seven cents. On its cover, Globe shrieks that the president is under investigation, that famed Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio has launched an official probe which could lead to Obama’s impeachment.
Indeed a stupendous story. How come the world’s press missed it, leaving a poor-circulation blabloid to scoop them all with this exclusive?
So I called Sheriff Arpaio. And right away spokesman Lieutenant Justin Griffin denied they were investigating. Then came the sheriff’s own response: “Contrary to published reports, what I have agreed to is simply look at evidence the tea party people have assembled.”
So it’s not true. The cops aren’t probing Obama. Sheriff Arpaio merely accepted some alleged “evidence” from folks out to torpedo the Prez and said he’d give it a look over. Period. Nothing’s been done. He may have been too polite to tell these zealots it would be tossed into the Cold Case morgue: “Listen, there’s no way I’m getting involved in this. Leave it at the front desk if you want but that’s up to you.”
And this is an “official probe”?
Globe’s fable is sourced to WorldNetDaily, the extremist website run by rabid Arab Yussuf “Hussein” Farah. This gentleman of Syrian stock, sporting a shifty Oilcan Harry mustache, claims to have been born in New Jersey although he has failed so far to produce a legitimate birth certificate to my satisfaction. He’s taken to calling himself “Joseph”. And behind him is – yes – Orly Taitz, the Russian dentist/lawyer/fruitcake who’s the Birther Movement’s loudest foghorn. Still around? I thought that once release of Obama’s Long Form certificate had shushed the critics she’d clambered back aboard the Soyuz 8 spaceship and returned to whichever planet she calls home.
Two American residents linked to countries that despise these great United States repeat an already-debunked claim about our president and suddenly Globe has enmeshed Arpaio in it.
And now, three weeks later and ignoring the good sheriff’s denial, this dubious rag re-runs its original false report and takes a new, totally groundless, swipe at the president, suggesting there’s a second, fresh investigation. No actual police probe is cited. Just word that Farah’s buddy Jerome R. Corsi, author of “Where’s The Birth Certificate”, wants to hand material to some sheriffs’ departments somewhere. Again, no “official probe” therefore another complete fabrication.
Apart from naming Corsi and two of his supporters it’s all unsourced– oh, sorry, they do quote “a White House insider” as saying: “Lately Barack has been drinking to forget” and “Michelle is terrified”. No name given, though. No way on earth for any of this pap to be checked for veracity. And once again owner David Pecker’s scandal sheet claims Sheriff Arpaio “agreed to investigate” – something he denies. As for the Cops’ Secret Obama File? Evidently it’s so secret the cops themselves don’t even know about it.
There is not one fact to lend these headlines legitimacy. Over the last few years Globe has seized on every kook and opportunist who ever surfaced to question Obama’s birth certificate, Donald Trump included.
It goes further. Deranged homosexual and convicted career criminal Larry Sinclair claims he had a relationship with Obama, provides not one shred of actual solid evidence. But hey, that’s good enough for Globe, which runs, runs and re-runs his tale.
In court documents, Sinclair later admitted that Kommissar Taitz had ordered him to lie that Obama was involved in murder as well. If she didn’t it underscores his deceitfulness. If yes it blows odious Orly out the tail end of Soyuz 8.
So we get a peek into what’s going on here. We must call them out on it.
No checking. No balance. No quest for truth. Just grasp at anything that might harm the president and print it as fact. This is not even journalism any more; it’s disgraceful. The lowest kind of naked propaganda imaginable and editor Jeff Rodack and his crew should be ashamed of themselves.
I quote this example because week after week tabloids in Pecker’s American Media stable splash anti-Obama stories front page, truth be damned. In the first 39 weeks of 2011 there have been 20 in Globe and its sister, National Examiner, which also claimed a “shocking link” between the president and Al Qaeda.
The National what? That’s right, another world exclusive, this time fodder for the few unfortunates who still buy this little trash rag. “Proof” was that age-old photo of Obama in traditional clothes while visiting a Kenyan village.
Why do they think they can get away with this stuff? Well, because there will always be some among us for whom those headlines and that picture in a publication – even one with credibility issues - will suffice. “I knew it all along, that Obama boy’s a foreign Al Qaeda terrorist.”


UPDATE September 28 2011:
In its third attempt to make the myth stick, Globe claims Sheriff Arpaio "created a special unit to determine if Obama's birth certificate is authentic or a forgery."
Not true twice over. It wasn't created just now, nor for that reason. And, reaffirmed Lieutenant Griffin, there is no criminal investigation.
The sheriff himself said on local station KNXV-TV he has had this unit for five years. It's his cold case "posse" made up of four unpaid associates.
And, admitted Arpaio, they'e "looking to see if there's any smoke there."
Notice it's not fire they seek. Translation: There's not even the hint of truth in this: everyone's just posturizing...
Except Globe.
© 2011 Fred Wehner is a journalist formerly with the Daily Mail in London, who then founded and ran the New York News Agency before settling in Monroe 21 years ago.