Monday, December 10, 2012


December 10, 2012

Stunned is the only word to describe how stunned we were. By ‘we’ I mean the majority of Waltonians who just knew without a doubt that Mitt Romney would be our next president because that was guaranteed.
By whom? Why, Fox News of course. And the lesson to be learned here is that if you watch only one channel, if you tune out everyone but Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck then you’re not getting the real facts. Same when you take Michael Reagan neat without a chaser...
What these sorcerers keep serving up is a mickey finn. It's Tea for the Party that looks like truth but spiked with a poison pill dissolved therein like an Alka-Seltzer. It’s propaganda.

This is why the villagers who believe those Fox fairytales keep getting a shock. And for them the election result was the nastiest jolt of all.
I hear the cap nearly fell off local Republican Roy Roberts’ head once the results came in. He hadn’t bothered to give the Romney/Ryan sign on his lawn a good-luck kiss. No need to, it was going to be a landslide for Mitt, is what he kept telling anyone willing to listen.
And sitting there in his pajamas way past his bedtime, he was sure of that himself, believing Karl Rove’s fact-free edict that they had taken Ohio and thereby the election...
But when Reality Dawn broke at the stroke of midnight Romney turned into a pumpkin.
We now discover the candidate himself was thunderstruck. Hundreds of millions spent to make sure the White House was paid for, plus he believed his own spinmeisters and the lying tongues of Fox’s cunning linguists. So certain of winning he never bothered to write a concession speech, only a victory one.
Biggest losers – and my special condolences to the coven at Loganville – are the Tea Party, especially those candidates spouting the most bizarre ideas, including scientific. Walton County’s embarrassment, Paul Broun, may have survived this time but similar-minded Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin and rabid flag bearers like the odious Allen West in Florida, were dismissed by voters sick of the lunacy.

This is the same stuff embraced by Chairman Roberts in his negative columns last August, seeing fault in achievement, finding darkness in light, skewing the facts. Insisting the president’s hiding dubious origins, that Obama shunned the US flag pin and replaced the National Day of Prayer with a Muslim one. (A display of pure ignorance, this, because the National Day was for all religions including, yes, Muslims and even worshippers of the sex goddess Kardashia).
Of virtually everything The Chairman predicted the opposite comes true. Obama takes a strong stance on Iran, the Middle East and Pakistan’s sneaky hospitality to Al Qaeda. Stores report record sales, folks are spending. Unemployment’s the lowest in four years,  homes are selling briskly even as house prices increase; the economy’s recovering. Oh, and corporate wealth is at its highest level ever..
Fodder for the eager Foxwatcher to gobble up, however, is a different diet, a gruel of down-and-dirty distortions courtesy of Rupert Murdoch, the oligarch from Down Under. Amazing to witness his hacks lying with straight faces. The twisted claptrap about Obamacare’s death panels and the birther baloney...groan...
Fox’s “journalists” now try desperately to spin the results and disguise their prostitution of what is otherwise a noble profession. Bret Baier, for instance, produced some dishonest math to push his claim that half of Americans want rich folks to pay lower taxes.
Poppycock, Mr Baier: the truth is that two in three want people earning over a quarter million a year to be taxed more stiffly and those making less to be cut a break. Period. That’s been Obama’s position throughout. Important here to point out that the tax is incremental, meaning someone making $250,002 is taxed at the higher rate only on that extra couple dollars, not the whole lot.
Why would Fox deliberately distort statistics to favor the wealthy over their own viewers who are, shall we say, unwealthy? Why would a party resort to trickery to suppress the ballot of some Americans?
Why would the billionaire Koch Brothers bolster extremist Republican candidates with $300 million of their own money and millions more to set up and run the Tea Party? Why would sleazy Las Vegas gambling czar Sheldon Adelson toss in his $53 million? Mighty gains for all of them had the Romney/Ryan ticket been a winner. And at our expense.
Of course there’s warm comfort to be drawn from the fact that despite the cash and shenanigans they still failed. Sensible America felt the ominous threat of another, even more calamitous, version of the Bush years with Big Finance running the government.
What now? The Tea Party’s most outspoken champion just jumped ship. Reading the tealeaves, Jim DeMint (R-SC), suddenly just upped and quit his Senate seat. This follows the swift departure of another Teabag trickster, Disgusting Dick Armey.
And, caught in a coil-spring trap after that on-air election fiasco, Fox News actually chewed it’s own leg off and fired Rove. But too many are wise to the wiles of this cheatin’ channel now; there are only a few pockets of disciples in America’s politically isolated villages.
As the nation recovers these folks are being left behind. Stunned.


© Fred Wehner is a journalist formerly with the Daily Mail in London, who then founded and ran the New York News Agency before settling in Monroe 22 years ago.